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"Multiple Monitor Power Tools 2" dedicated application software for "Sign As VGA"

This is an application software developed for "Sign As VGA" users.
Various functions such as "Extended taskbar", "Mirror mode tool", "Fix display position", "Full Screen", "Function buttons" are added on the multi display.
Extended Taskbar :Recognizes the currently used application intuitively

The taskbar at the bottom of the screen is displayed only on the main monitor for the general type of multi display. Therefore, the applications displayed on the expansion monitor will all be indicated together on the main monitor task bar. The "Extended taskbar" which is one of MMPT feature enables to display task bar on the expansion monitor. Thus, you can easily identify the application currently displayed on the monitor.
Writing Tool :Plays an active role in presentations by expanding your ideas

A familiar "Mirror Mode" is a feature to display the same screen on all monitors. With MMPT, the "Mirror mode tool" will be activated upon setting the "Mirror Mode" as valid. This enables to write directly on the desk top display and the written result will be refelected on other monitors at the same time. The written contents can be saved as a BMP image file.
Window Fixation Redisplay :A troublesome rearrangement is unnecessary

As the display position is recorded each time the button is pressed, it is easy to display on the same position from next time. For example, it saves your time for position arrangement when working with multiple windows opened.
Full Screen Enlarged Display :A window maximized with only one click

Generally, "maximization" is a feature to display enlarged image on one screen. However, "maximization" of MMPT enables to display enlarged image on all monitors. You can display a table that cannot be fit in the screen size such as spreadsheet software on the multiple screens with only one click.
One Click Action :Operate window lightly

You can terminate and minimize all windows with only one click. Also, you can easily shift the specific window to designated monitor by using GUI icon. In another words, this software enables you to execute useful actions with only clicking one button.
Model Number Multiple Monitor Power Tools 2
JAN Code 4571139328816
Compatible OS Windows XP/2000/Vista(Aero function is NOT supported)
Recommended Amount of Memory 256MB or more
Recommended HDD Space 100MB or more Hard Disk Space
Remarks Please conduct installation by the right of system administrator
Only activated while "Sign as VGA" is connected
Information Board (PDF Format)
Instruction for Use
Regarding Trial Version The trial version is available before product purchase.
The trial period for this product is 30 days. If determined to use the software continuously after experiencing the trial version, you need to acquire a license (a right to access to this software) after purchasing this product.
*All described data shall be compliant with the software license agreement statement and at the same time the users shall consent to the use of this agreement.
Before Purchase

Clarify the question before product purchase
As refund is NOT accepted due to the characteristic of software, please check any suspicious points or questions before product purchase.
Please read the license agreement
The provisions that shall be complied with or agreed to upon the use of this software are described in the license agreement. It is interpreted that you have agreed to the contents of agreement upon purchase.
Please test out the functions actually
The trial period of this software is 30 days. Please consider purchasing this product after having tested the functions sufficiently.

Official License Please overwrite "Official Product Key" on the "Trial Product Key" in the serial number column on the user information screen displayed upon installation.
If the trial version is currently used, please conduct above process after having unistalled the trial version once.
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