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Download services for KAIREN related products are available here.
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Please read the "License Agreement" carefully in advance to the software download.
EAll described data shall be compliant with the software license agreement statement and at the same time the users shall consent to the use of this agreement.
EPlease be noted that the responsibility for using this service and for the result achieved shall be borne by the user.

License Agreement@`@Upon using the downloaded data@`
1. Period (1)@The service conditions of the licensed data become effective only after completing downloading or installation.
(2)@The user may terminate this agreement by deleting or discarding the licensed data under one's occupancy or control if determined not to use the licensed data any further.
(3)@In the event that the user violates any of the provisions of this agreement, we shall have the right to terminate the use of license at any time.
(4)@The right of licensed data use shall be continued until the agreement is terminated due to the occurrence of event described in (2) or (3).
(5)@When the use of license is terminated, other rights of the users under the terms of this agreement shall also be terminated. Users shall discard all licensed data and those copies promptly right after the termination of the license.
2. Right of Use The licensed data shall only be used by the customers purchasing the products described on our website.
3. Data reproduction, modification and binding prohibited (1)@Users may not use, copy, modify, bind the license of this data in any other form or any purpose whatsoever except as herein expressly provided.
(2)@This service condition shall NOT be used for transferring the intangible property right related to the licensed data to the users.
4. Decompile etc. Users may NOT alter reverse engineering, decompile or disassemble the licensed data.
5. Limitations of Warranty

(1)@We make no warranty for operation, compatibility of intended use and accuracy or liability on the achieved results and furthermore assume no obligation for any defect warranty. Moreover, user shall take full responsibility for any event caused related to the licensed data and shall handle any expenses incurred.
(2)@We assume no obligation for providing any technical services to the users that relate to the licensed data including technical support, maintenance, functional improvements and any other services.
(3)@We reserve the right to change, modify the contents of the licensed data or change the distribution method without consent or a prior notice to the user.

6. Liability Limitation (1)@We do NOT accept liability for any passive damages or damages brought by an exceptional circumstances (including the case when we can predict the occurrence of such damages or when the problem is predictable at our side) and for the damages caused by the third party. Users may NOT claim any related damages to us.
(2)@Each provisions stated in this agreement shall be applied for the information related to the licensed data directly or indirectly provided to the user.
(3)@Users may NOT charge us any cost related to telecommunications for downloading the licensed data or any other related expenses.
7. Others (1)@Users may not export the licensed data or identical copy to anyone outside Japan without obtaining an approval from Japanese government or related foreign government.
(2)@Any contract disputes related to this agreement shall be decided at Saitama District Court regarded as an exclusive agreement jurisdictional court in the first trial.
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