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Device Driver
Smartphone Dedicated Latest Driver : Compatible with Windwows Mobile 5.0   Updated: Aug. 20, 2007
kairen0900-2.CAB Driver
++Driver Information++

● A "Sign as VGA" driver dedictated to advanced/W-ZERO3[es] / W-ZERO3[es] / EM・ONE (e-mobile)
* "Smartphone Connectivity Kit" is required separately.
● Enables to output the image on the unit to other external display.
* We do NOT guarantee the operation other than using "Smartphone Connectivity Kit".

Compatible OS Windows Mobile5.0
Compatible Resolution 640x480x16bit (WS007SH)
800x480x16bit (WS011SH/S01SH)
Available Memory 50KB or more
Compatible Model Advanced/W-ZERO3[es]:WS011SH
EM・ONE (e-mobile):S01SH
Requirements WindowsMobile5.0 installed
USB host feature installed
USB miniAB connector installed
Remarks 「A driver installation on the unit is required in advance to the use of "Sign as VGA".
For installation, either PC compatible with version after Microsoft ActiveSync 4.0 with operation system integrated and CD-ROM installed, or PC capable of reading and writing between 2 pieces of mini SD cards is required.
For computer system requirement, please check the software system requirement of the currently used Microsoft ActiveSync(R).
Sign as VGA Series Latest Driver ver7.5 : Compatible with Windwows 2000 / XP / Vista  Updated: July 11, 2007
For Blue Box →
For Green Box →
For White Box →
For Marine Blue Box →
++Please read the following instructions before installing the latest driver.++
The latest driver of ver7.5 is compatible with Windows2000/XP/Vista.
Please be advised of the following points before conducting the installation.

●For users using a previous version of driver, please delete the previous version driver and remove the "Sign as VGA" unit from the PC. Please do NOT connect "Sign as VGA" unit to PC before the completion of the latest driver installation.

●For users using a multiple units of "Sign as VGA", please follow the instruction above as well. Please delete all previous version of driver and remove all "Sign as VGA" units from the PC before conducting the latest driver installation.

●Neither DVD video playback feature nor Windows Aero feature is available with Windows VISTA.

●Please do NOT conduct driver installation and uninstallation at the same time. Please execute "PC Restart" between installation and uninstallation.

●Driver Installation ProcessClick Here

●Driver Uninstallation ProcessClick Here
++Update Information of the Latest Driver++

・Compatible with Windows Vista / 2000 / XP
Modification on the other minor problems
・Passed Windows logo authentication test

■Compatible Resolution

MMPT2 (Multiple Monitor Power Tools 2) 30 days Trial Version
MMPT2 (Multiple Monitor Power Tools 2) 30 days Trial Version
++Regarding MMPT2 (Multiple Monitor Power Tools2) 30 days Trial Version++
A trial copy of MMPT2 is available before product purchase.
The trial period for this software is 30 days. If determined to use the software continuously after experiencing the trial version, you need to acquire a license (a right to access to this software) after purchasing this product.
[To users preferring the use of 30 days trial version]
Please check notes and operation environment before the installation of the trial version.
Please be advised of the following points below upon downloading and using the "MMPT2 (Multiple Monitor Power Tools 2) 30 days Trial Version".

・This software is dedicated to "Sign as VGA". This software does NOT activate without "Sign as VGA" being connected.
・As the software is in the compression format (Zip), please setup the downloaded "MMPT"after unzipping it in a certain folder.
・Please uninstall the current used software before the reinstallation when transferring the version from trial to official one.
・Please read the instruction manual before conducting the installation.
++Points modified from MMPT++
・Compatible with English version of WindowsXP / 2000
・Enabled to use under the different level of resolution on monitor.
・Enabled to support the monitor placed in vertical direction.
++Operation Environment++
CPU WindowsXP :Pentium233MHz or more
Windows2000 :Pentium150MHz or more
Memory WindowsXP :64MB or more (256MB or more recommended)
Windows2000 :32MB or more (128MB or more recommended)
Hard Disk Disk Space of 100MB or more
Monitor SVGA (800x600) or more, color display of 256 or more
OS Version Supported Restrictions
WindowsXP Please use under the right of "System Administrator"
Up to 3 units (MAX) of "Sign as VGA" are connectable.
Windows2000 Please use under the right of "System Administrator"
Up to 3 units (MAX) of "Sign as VGA" are connectable.
Instruction Manual
Sign as VGA Series Instruction Manual ver7.5
Sign as VGA Series Instruction Manual ver7.5
Multiple Monitor Power Tools Users Manual 
Multiple Monitor Power Tools 2 Intruction Manual
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