Introduction This terms of use shall be applied to all websites provided under the name of "" and all other related services (hereafter generically named as "").
In the event of any terms of use for individual services (Specific terms of use for individual services that cannot be covered by this agreement) exists besides this agreement, we shall comply with the description stipulated in it.
Rights and Prohibited Matters related to Providing Services and Information Services and Information described on the website and the ones linked to other websites

All users are accessible to other websites other than "" that are not under control of our company linked from "", and at this moment, the users will move away from "" website.
We assume no responsibility for any description described on any website linked from "". In the case when any website or contents provided from other companies are partially included in the "" website, the terms of use may differ from this. Please comply with the terms of use applied for such websites and contents.

Handling of Service and Information Described on the Website

All copyrights and other rights related to the services described on the "" shall belong to our company or license granted right holders, and no copy, reproduction, uploading, display, transmission and distribution etc. shall be conducted without our permission.
Our company and related companies shall have the right to all service mark and trademark related to "". All users may not use these rights without the approval of our company or related companies.
In the event of downloading any file, image, software, program etc. ihereafter called "file etc.") from ""website, it shall be regarded that we provided a permission to use those within the accepted range for individual users, however, it doesn't mean that we offered the equal copyrights and other rights as what we provided to our partners (hereafter called "partners") who we concluded contract with our services described on the "" website to any other users. You may not conduct redistribution, sales and disassembly of the downloaded file etc.

Service Support

We support issues related to "" by exchanging inquiries and responses by e-mail, phone and FAX.
We shall only support the services provided within our "" website. We shall NOT support any issues related to computers, telecommunication devices and telecommunication softwares, etc. (including e-mail) occurred at user side. Please note that we may NOT support the issues related to "" website in the case of the contents are being provided by other companies.

Prohibited Acts

The decency of "" shall be preserved, and the following acts are prohibited in order for the users to enjoy using our websites beneficially.

  • Act that incites or encourages violation of law or illegal acts
  • Act of sabotage for other user's access or operation
  • Interference act on the "" operation or network system intervention
  • Violation of one's honor, credit, privacy rights, publicity rights, copyrights and other rights
  • Slanderous remark, threats, harassment on others or act of causing economic or noneconomic damage or putting others at a disadvantage
  • Any expressions that makes someone think of discrimination against ethnic, race, gender and age etc.
  • Any indecent acts, violent images, other images or words or expressions that causes discomfort to general users
  • Gambling, investment, multilevel distributorship and endless chain method solicitation
  • Sales activities and other profit-oriented activities (unless otherwise admitted by our company)
  • Continuous registration of the same contents, uploading the extremely large capacity images
  • Act that is regarded as harmful to the sound growth of juveniles
  • Spoofing (Pretend to be concerned parties of "", other service operators or other users)
  • Transmission of chain mails and spam mails
  • Collecting or accumulating the personal information of other users
  • Offense against public order and morals or common sense
Comments and Information Provided from the Customers Information and Comments Provided regarding Website

We shall be able to use all posted messages, written comments, uploaded files and other data (hereafter called "deliverables") provided to "" website freely for operating "", and shall have the right to permit the third parties to have the equal right of use. However, the copyrights of these deliverables shall belong to the contents providers and any information that identifies the individuality of the providers shall NOT be disclosed.

Information and Comments from the Users

Users may NOT rewrite or distribute the contents of the posted messages sent from others.
No posted messages with the description refer to the above-described "prohibitions" to any of the services provided by "" is allowed. We shall be able to delete the posted messages immediately that is relevant to "prohibitions" or anything determined to be inappropriate.

If anything that is relevant to the following cases arises, we may disclose the registration information of the users, usage history and e-mail descriptions to the third party depending on the circumstances after having confirmed the contents at our side.

  • In the event of any legal order of court is provided from court, police, other judicial administration or administrative agencies or any administration comform to those.
  • In case of problem occurrence on the "" website or system maintenance
  • In case of breaking laws and regulations or an agreeement we have stipulated, or other acts determined to be not acceptable to current social standards
  • In case of need to protect the interests or rights of our company, partners, other users or other third parties

Regarding posted messages, a full responsibility shall be taken at users side. In case when the contents of the posted messages correspond to law violation or infringement of rights, users may be accused of civil liability such as claim for compensation or criminal liability.

We and our partners assume no responsibility for the posted messages sent to "" from the users. We and our partners also monitor whether or not any inappropriate descriptions are included and assume no obligations to delete such descriptions.

Access to information on "" shall all be conducted with self-responsibility of the users. We assume no guarantee or liability on the information source or contents accuracy.


General Services of our company and ""

For using "" website, the necessary equipments and telecommunication method shall be prepared at user side and its responsibility and expenses shall be taken at user side as well. We assume no responsibility related to these equipments and methods.

We do NOT guarantee "" of the continuation of services without causing system failure, defects and other problems. We also do NOT guarantee repair or elimination of virus or other harmful elements upon problem occurrence.

We do NOT guarantee the credibility, accuracy, reliability, compatibility of purposes and results achieved from the use of these related to information and services described on the "". Users shall bear the risk of receiving damage by downloading the files from "" and shall bear the full repair expenses in case of damage.

Service Termination and Exemption of Liability

We shall be able to terminate the services provided from "" at anytime due to the optional reasons. We assume no liability on any of the users or third parties regarding service termination.

We assume no liability for the damages caused (regardless of direct or indirect damages) by the use of "" or due to the unavailability of the "" website. We do NOT guarantee for the result of following the advice we had given.
However, the exemption of liability of what is stipulated in this agreement may not be accepted in some cases depending on the applicable laws. In such case, we shall fulfill the responsibiliy within the range of what is stipulated in the applicable laws.

Customer's Privacy and Personal Information Protection Policy (Privacy Policy)

Personal Information Registration

We shall ask the personal information within the admitted range of law only in the need of personal identification for using our services. We shall manage all personal information of the registrated users complied with the Privacy Policy.

We may send announcement from ",jp" via e-mail or mail based on the registrated personal information for those who agreed.

We may share the received personal information with our partners idistributing companies etc.j, but in such cases, the information shall be shared within the accepted range of the users. However, our partners shall not monitor or manage the personal information protection, and that we do NOT compensate for any damages caused by our partners. We create data related to general trend of the "" users based on the personal information we receieved, and we may disclose these data to advertisers, business partners, sponsers, third party research organizations and other collaborators. In such cases, we shall not make reference to individual information of the users. Such data shall be used in order to provide a better contents and services to the users.

Usage of IP Address

In case of law violation or user breaking an agreement stipulated by our company, or when in need of protecting rights of our company, our partners, other users or other concerned parties, we may search the IP address and make identity confirmations.

At "" service, we may display the IP address of the person who transmitted the information (one who submitted the information). Please note in advance that such case may occur for those services. Please be advised that only information that can be agreed to be disclosed without anxiety shall be provided to us.

Usage of "Cookies"

We adopt the use of Cookies to provide a better services to the users. The users can select whether or not to use Cookies. Cookies are set and accepted to most of the computer browsers, however, this setting can be changed to refuse the use of Cookies. But in such cases, please be advised that some service provided by "" may not function properly or may cause unavailability.

Sometimes Cookies may be sent from the website not under control of ""(websites of advisers or linked pages), however, we cannot take control of these Cookies. Please use Cookies after checking the policy at your own of the website where Cookies is issued.


We shall NOT guarantee that the virus or harmful element is NOT included, no unauthorized invasion from third parties and that other securities related to contents or information described on "". Please be aware of the risk at your own,
Also, the responsibility for management on your member ID and password shall be taken at your own. The personal information of the users may be collected by the website not under control of ""(websites of advisers or linked pages) independently. In case of inputting the personal information online, please be aware of the risk that not only the registrated data but also the contents of what is typed on the bulletin board in the website may be obtained and used by the completely strangers. We cannot take control of the personal information for these websites. Please be aware of the risk at your own.

Agreement and Legal Process

We regard that all users of "" have consented to all description in this Terms of Use.
This Terms of Use shall be changed at anytime without notice. If determined to use continuously in the future, we shall regard that the users have agreed to the contents provided at that time.

This Terms of Use shall be applied only to "", however, in the case of having internet shared rules or relevant laws or administrative guidance besides this, such rules shall have a priority over this Terms of Use. Therefore, some contents stipulated in this Terms of Use may NOT be applied depending on the laws.

Unless otherwise specified, "" and related services shall be operated and managed by our company for the purpose of providing services to all domestic users. We do NOT guarantee whether or not the information of "" can be obtained or whether or not the contents is appropriate at other countries or regions. In case of using this at other countries or regions, please be advised that the confirmation of being complied with the regional laws shall be conducted at your own. Please comply with the various laws of the relevant country related to export of technology upon transmitting the technological information to other countries or regions.

This Terms of Use shall comply with the Japanese National Law. Furthermore, in the event of any dispute between our company and customers related to "" or this agreement, such dispute shall be judged at Saitama District Court regarded as an exclusive jurisdictional court at the first trial.

Revised on February 9, 2007

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