Analog to Digital Note & USB Tablet "Technote"

-Technote- series is an innovative electronic stationary that enables to digitalize and save the handwritten information instantly such as "text", "diagram" and "graphic"written on the normal paper by using a digital pen.It is easy-to-use, you only need to place a paper on the Technote and write on it as usual.
As PC connection is NOT required, it is also available outside the location.
The handwritten data will automatically saved in the embedded memory in the unit. The stored written data can be transferred to PC (USB connection).The transferred data to PC can be processed and edited by using the attached software, "Digital Organizer". The data can also be converted to "PDF format" or "BMP or JPEG format" according to your purposes."Technote" can be used as a pen tablet compatible with Plug and Play.

Performs actively in various situations, "A Future Mobile Tool" available for anyone
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