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Latest "Sign as VGA" driver released. [Sep.13, 2007]

Latest driver of "Sign as VGA" series is released and now downloadable.
The difference from previous driver (before ver6.3) is as follows.

@¡Compatible OSFWindows XP / Windows 2000 / Windows Vista
@¡Maximum resolution level enhanced
@@@@i4F3 monitor, 1600‚˜1200jiPanoramic monitor, 1680‚˜1050j
@¡Microsoft Windows Vista Logo authentication, already certified

We will continue updating "Sign as VGA" driver onwards with aiming to improve the unit with higher performance and multifunction. Don't miss it!

Click here for downloading the latest driver

Announcing a New Mobile Connectivity Kit compatible with "Sign as VGA" [April 6, 2007]

@On April 6, 2007, KAIREN announced the new release of mobile connectivity kit compatible with "Sign as VGA" series that can be used effectively upon presentation by using mobile phones with "Windows Mobile 5.0" installed.

Click here for more details

Analog to Digital Note & USB Tablet
TN-A401 [Now On Sale]

@Technote TN-A401 is an innovative digital note pad that enables to save the data of handwritten text or graphices described on the A4 size paper into the embedded memory. This is a neo-futuristic stationary that can be used effectively in various conditions with lightness and portability.

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