Company Name KAIREN Co.,Ltd.
Headquaters Office Hoei BLDG. 5F, 11-1, Miyuki-cho, Tokorozawa-shi, Saitama @Zip 359-1115@
[Google earth .kmz]
Establishment March 12, 2002
Director Junko Kou
Office Number 81-4-2929-6296
Fax Number 81-4-2929-6297
Business Fields Case Division@F@Proposes your "Desirable Space" from spice racks to show cases
Acrylic Case@"itkdr"
c.h.x Case Brand Product@"ktahb"

ob Peripherals Division@F@Offers "Desired PC Peripherals" for PC users
tra Peripherals [Digital Notepad, USB-VGA]
Circuit Board, various types of Interfaces
Data Link for mobile phones, Battery Charge Cable

ndl Division@F@Develops the "Desirable Products" based on your business plans
Data Tranceiver Related Products
Network Related Products
USB Peripherals Products
Various Data Transfer Cable

E-Commerce Division
Online Shopulubic.jpv

Registration and Authentication Member of Tokorozawa Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Importers Registration CodeF1FJ17
Main Financing Bank Mizuho Bank, Shintokorozawa Branch
Business Partners
(in random order)
SOFTBANK BB Corp. Owltech Corporation Marubeni Infotec Corp.
TIMELY Co., Ltd. SOHO Corporation, LTD G.A.T.E, Inc
GE Korea co.,ltd. PJ Electronics co.,ltd. General merchandising stores, PC Shops, etc.
About OEM Business We welcome your contacting us for a wide range of OEM related business at KAIREN Co., LTD. We can offer the OEM services of development management plan or overseas export based on your desired specification for development design, circuit design, die development, CAD, prototype assembly, evaluation test and experiment and analysis, mass production and domestic support.
Please do not hesitate to contact us at anytime regardless of your expected amount of lot or estimation.@
Send e-mail about OEM

The measurement data tranceiving equipment related products compatible to telecommunication cards such as DoPa/PHS/56K Modem/LAN
General Network Products (Hub, Router, NAS,...)
Mobile Phone Data Link Related Products
USB Peripherals (USB Video Adapter,USB Token, RS232C Converter, USB Card Reader,...)
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