Introduction At KAIREN Co., LTD (hereafter called "our company"), we respect the privacy rights related to our customers. We strictly protect the confidentiality of customer's personal information.
In accordance with the "Personal Information Privacy Policy", we will handle the customer information (name, address, phone number, e-mail address) provided for delivering our products or services as described below. We will NOT use such personal data for any other purposes.
Purpose of Personal Information Use For personal identification, payment charge, announcement or modification on the payment or service providing conditions, notification of commitment or service suspension, termination or cancellation and other service providing related activities
For announcement, recommendation and conducting questionnaire surveys via various communication tools such as phone calls, e-mail or mailing
For service improvement or new service development, or related notification
For sales related activities besides described above
Modification or Correction on the Personal Information In case of necessity of change in the registration contents related to transaction occurs, relevant change and revision shall be conducted promptly. However, please be advised that document submission may be required for personal identification in accordance with the changes, and that the changes may not be conducted in the case when an approval from applicants cannot be obtained.
Personal Information Disclosure In the case when the personal information disclosure is requested by the customer, the information will be notified on the premise that the customer submits the personal information disclosure application form and that the personal identification is confirmed. The personal information disclosure to the third party shall never be conducted unless otherwise any legal order of court is provided.
Personal Information Privacy Policy As an e-commerce company, we recognize the importance of identifying the individual information for each cutomer, and therefore we regard it is our social responsibility to protect the privacy of customers thoroughly.
In order to provide reassurance to our customers for using our services, we stipulated the "Personal Information Privacy Policy" as stated below.

[Collecting and Using of Personal Information]

Collecting personal information shall be conducted with the premise that the purpose of use is clarified and it shall be used within the necessary range of service delivery or service level maintenance and improvement. The personal information of the customers shall be used within the range of intended use described above.

[Prohibition on Information Disclosure or Transfer to the Third Party]

We shall NOT disclose or provide the received personal information to third party without customers' consent at any time iunless otherwise stipulated by lawj. In case other company (transport company or bank counters) involves with the services that should be handled based on the personal information we received from the customers, we shall be discharged of the privacy protection duty but the involving company shall be responsible for it instead.

[Deployment of Safety Measures]

In order to secure accuracy and safety of personal information, we shall implement measures and protections against unauthorized access, data loss, data destruction, data alteration or leakage of personal information.

[Regulation Compliance and Personal Information Privacy Policy Review]

We shall comply with the personal information regulation and other related standards, and the above stated details on the personal information handling shall be reviewed and improved continuously.

@ Privacy Policy@@ Agreement